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"Realiste allows users to view apartments and their details in a few clicks anywhere the company operates"
"A Dubai-based AI-powered real estate platform"
"Realiste stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals perceive and engage with the real estate sector"
"Realiste specifically focused on market research, analytics, and real estate price forecasts based on data gathered by the AI algorithm"
Start a new business together with Realiste
Launch a new business with Realiste
We are expanding into new locations through partnerships with investors and local entrepreneurs based on Joint Ventures. For investors, this is an opportunity to invest early in a tech company in a specific city. For entrepreneurs, it's a chance to launch an AI business and build a successful company quickly. For Realiste, it's an opportunity to grow even faster both geographically and in terms of scale.

Basic expectation from potential partners:

- Investments starting from $300,000 per one location.
- Entrepreneurs with a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Available in select cities worldwide.
Platform works:
UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah | France: Paris, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes, Lille, Lion | Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dortmund, Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich | Indonesia: Bali, Jakarta | Thailand: Bangkok | Turkey: Istanbul | Saudi Arabia: Riyadh | USA: New York, New Jersey | UK: London | Singapore | Austria: Vienna, Graz and 40 cities more
Realiste AI inside. Testing together
with Daniel Gilbert
Property selections in Dubai, UAE
Clients' stories
"The Max Story"


Dubai City, UAE

"The Fedor Story"


Dubai City, UAE
"The Saadique Story"


Dubai City, UAE
  • Saadique Merchant
    Real estate investor
    I was looking for a way to invest in real estate abroad. Not all projects have been successful in the past. But recently I contacted Realiste, and a team of investment experts showed me how to use the platform and guided me through projects that the AI considers promising. Now I closely monitor the dynamics of my investments. I recommend this company!
  • Max Kuchin
    Real estate investor
    I invested with Realiste in the Sobha One project in Dubai.For 9 months I received an IRR (annualized return) of 69.6%. Withdrew from the deal in September 2023. A very cool company, I advise all real estate investors to work with them.
  • Mohammed
    Real estate investor
    My friend told me about Realiste AI for real estate and I also decided to try investing in real estate through this platform. Lots of information provided. My favorite tool is the forecast for the next 5 years. Very useful for long term investment.
  • Rayan
    Family Office
    This AI is amazing. This is the first time I've seen this. And the most interesting thing is the real estate reports. Very informative and professional. I'm waiting for you to launch in Europe, guys.
  • Kay
    Real estate investor
    In 9 months I made 26,6% ROI after I sold the unit in Sobha Hartland in August 2023. I remember myself - trying to buy something on the secondary market and thanks to Realiste changed the opinion.
  • Ziad
    Real estate agent
    The Realiste platform is a cool tool for realtors in Dubai. Transparent market data is a treasure trove of information. Weekly events and live streams of experts are very helpful in work
  • Nik
    Real estate investor
    Investing in Realiste was the right decision. Many thanks to Expert Demyan. I invest in different emirates of the UAE with them, mostly of course Dubai. My portfolio has gained more value
  • Dan
    My thanks to Realiste and expert Nikolai. Excellent expertise in different emirates. I am very pleased with the results and professionalism of the Realiste team.
  • Nicolas
    Everything you need to know about apartments in Dubai is conveniently located in one place! What's more, there's an AI-powered assistant for beginners: you can choose your goal, preferred strategy, and budget, and voilà – it will show you the most suitable options in various neighborhoods.
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The best AI for real estate inside the real estate exchange
No subscription, 0% commission to buyer

On the realiste EXCHANGE :
7 cities available to buy property online
400+ Developers
1000+ projects and buildings to buy

114+ global cities
2,000,000+ LISTING analysed DAILY globally

ratings of cities, areas, projects, developers
200+ paraments EVALUATED BY Realiste ai
Rent ROI estimation
forecast up to 5 years based on trends and data

Traction in 2023:

$150m of properties sold on realiste exchange in 2023
There is nothing in the world quite like this Exhange and AI inside. Well, at least not yet.
Public proofs
Investors' results
with Realiste
Реалист, Реаліст, Рэаліст
Realiste, Realista, Réaliste, Realisti,
gerçekçi, 現實主義者, الواقعي,वास्तववादी,
เหตุผลที่เป็นจริง, ρεαλιστής,
현실주의자, リアリスト
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Data inputs
How Does Realiste AI Work?
What Data Does the AI Use?
AI Realiste is a self-learning algorithm tasked with evaluating any apartment in the world, considering local preferences (simulating the decision-making process of a buyer in a specific location) to determine the investment attractiveness of real estate.

The algorithm utilizes a substantial volume of data input from numerous sources, incorporating over 200 parameters in some cities worldwide (the list of sources and parameters, along with their weights in the algorithm's structure, will be provided below).
VERY HIGH impact
    1. Inventory of Developers
    2. MLS listings (for the US market)
    3. Building location (Latitude/Longitude)
    4. Project price class
    5. Building rating (in-house rating)
    6. Neighborhood class
    7. Apartment parameters up to 27 criteria (area, floor, repair, presence of a balcony, terrace, etc.)
    8. Apartment price
HIGH impact
Listings from the Top 3 real estate websites in the city

Public data (deals)

Macroeconomic data (if acceptable)

The wall material of the building

Year of construction/reconstruction

Transport accessibility in meters

MEDIUM impact
  • Infrastructure data (Google map)
  • Infrastructure data from Wikimapia
  • Infrastructure data from OpenStreetMap
  • Building amenities
  • Points of attraction

    Transport accessibility in minutes by walking

LOW impact
  • Utilities Condition of houses
  • Reviews on review sites ( about the building )
  • Semi-automatic map marking Districts, special zones
  • Special locations
  • Databases of taxes
  • Cadastral number of the sold apartment Cadastral number of the apartment for sale

VERY HIGH impact
  • Exposition period of unsold apartments
  • Prices of sold apartments
  • Exposition period of sold apartments
  • Sold apartments count
  • Liquidity of the apartment
  • Segment liquidity
HIGH impact
  • Transport accessibility in minutes by car
  • Transport accessibility in minutes total
  • House reputation (inhouse rating)
  • The reputation of the district (inhouse rating)
  • Apartment rating among competitors (inhouse rating)
  • Crime reports (if acceptable)
  • School rating
  • 3 mounts dynamic of the market
  • Listing price changes daily
  • Correlation of changes in price and volume of supply
  • Correlation of supply volume and dynamics of demand
  • Factual data from users
  • Feedback from users
  • The power of demand
  • Green zones
  • Waterline zones
  • District Infrastructure
  • Rating Infrastructure

MEDIUM impact
  • Number of floors in the buulding
  • Liquidity of the area
  • Repairment type ( 10 stars score )
  • Archived data for listings on websites
  • Noisy areas (inhouse rating)
advisory board
Who helps us succeed
More than 30 top officials in MENA support Realiste and provide market insights from EMAAR, the Ministry of Economy UAE, Nakheel, Al Jaber Group, and others.

The future of real estate investments starts here!
"A Dubai-based AI-powered real estate platform"
"Realiste specifically focused on market research, analytics, and real estate price forecasts based on data gathered by the AI algorithm"