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Yasmina Duet Villas in Expo City: Your next top investment opportunity
Yasmina Duet Villas in Expo City provides a peaceful living experience with luxurious 4-bedroom villas. These villas combine modern design with practical features. Large windows fill each home with natural light, making them bright and welcoming. Located in the green and beautiful Expo Valley, residents enjoy a calm atmosphere while still being close to city amenities.
AED 6,100,000
Starting price
Q4 2025
AED 7,531,684
Potential Resale Price
Property type
About Yasmina Duet Villas
Yasmina Duet Villas in Expo City is designed for those who value comfort and modern living. These villas, with their four spacious bedrooms and an overall area of 3920 ft², are ideal for families. The design includes two floors above ground level, offering ample space for living and leisure.

The villas are nestled in the lush and peaceful area of Expo Valley, providing a quiet retreat from city life. The large windows in each villa ensure that the interiors are bathed in natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Each villa comes with modern, well-equipped bathrooms, and the interiors are designed with a focus on practicality and style. Yasmina Duet Villas offer a perfect blend of family-friendly living and contemporary comfort, set in a serene environment.
Key Features of Yasmina Duet Villas
Modern Design & Layout
Each villa is a testament to modern architecture, featuring a design that merges aesthetic appeal with practicality. The interiors are characterized by spacious layouts, panoramic windows, and an abundance of natural light, creating a bright, inviting atmosphere.
The villas are equipped with high-end, fully furnished bedrooms, designed to offer both luxury and functionality.
The villas are equipped with high-end, fully furnished bedrooms, designed to offer both luxury and functionality.
Natural Light and Views
The use of panoramic windows not only enhances the natural lighting within each villa but also provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape, contributing to a serene living environment.
Smart Home Features
Integration of smart home technology allows for automated control of various home systems, adding convenience and modernity to the living experience.
Infrastructure of Yasmina Duet Villas
Pedestrian and Cycling Paths
The community is designed with an emphasis on walkability and cycling, featuring 4.5 km of pedestrian walkways and 5.2 km of cycling trails. This encourages an active and environmentally friendly lifestyle among residents.
Recreational Facilities
  • Swimming Pools & Water Features: The area includes swimming pools and splash pads, providing ideal spaces for relaxation and family activities.
  • Kids' Play Areas: Safe and engaging play areas for children are available, ensuring a family-friendly environment.
  • Outdoor Cinema: A unique outdoor cinema experience is available for entertainment and community gatherings.
Health & Wellness
  • Spa and Sauna Facilities: The villas are equipped with a health & beauty salon, spa, and sauna, catering to health and wellness needs.
  • Gyms and Yoga Studio: Fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the onsite gyms and yoga studio, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Social Spaces
  • Clubhouses: There are 3 clubhouses within the complex, serving as social hubs for residents.
  • Cafés and Markets: The presence of pop-up cafés and markets enhances the communal living experience, providing spaces for social interaction and convenience.
Proximity to Essential Services
The location ensures easy access to schools, universities, hospitals, offices, and co-working spaces, all within walking distance or a short drive. This includes the nearby Greenfield International School, The International School of Choueifat DIP, and the NMC Royal Hospital DIP, among others
Yasmina Duet Villas in Expo City
Expo Valley, part of Expo City Dubai, evolved from the Dubai Expo 2020 site into a sustainable urban space. It integrates smart city technologies and focuses on environmental sustainability, featuring green spaces and parks. The district retains cultural and educational centers from the Expo 2020, offering a mix of residential options like luxury villas, commercial, and retail spaces. Well-connected through major roads and the Dubai Metro, Expo Valley provides easy access to the city's key areas. The area emphasizes community living with pedestrian walkways and cycling trails, and is close to essential services like schools and hospitals, embodying a modern, sustainable, and connected lifestyle in Dubai.
Dubai Marina
15 minutes
Dubai Metro
15 minutes
Jebel Ali Port
15 minutes
Palm Jumeirah
20 minutes
Burj Al Arab
25 minutes
Downtown Dubai
30 minutes
Dubai International Airport
35 minutes
Invest in Yasmina Duet Villas in Expo City
Discover investment opportunities at Yasmina Duet Villas, Expo Valley. Modern villas blend luxury with functionality, offering an eco-friendly, tech-savvy lifestyle. Ideal location, with amenities and city connectivity, makes it a prime choice for savvy investors in Dubai's heart.
Rental only
Renting at Yasmina Duet Villas is appealing for its strategic location in Expo Valley, 15-35 minutes from Dubai's major areas, modern amenities like 4.5 km walkways, 5.2 km cycling trails, and smart home technology, ensuring high rental demand and solid investment returns.
Projected rental income in 10 years
AED 6,100,000
Initial Purchase Price
AED 195,397
Expected yearly rental income
Average rental income growth
Resell only
Reselling a property at Yasmina Duet Villas is advantageous due to its strategic position in Expo Valley, proximity to central Dubai areas within 15-35 minutes, and contemporary features like 4.5 km of walkways and 5.2 km of cycling trails. Coupled with smart home technology, these factors drive a high resale demand, offering robust investment returns.
AED 6,100,000
Initial Purchase Price
AED 7,297,849
Expected resell price in 3 years
Average resell price growth
Combining rental and resale strategies at Yasmina Duet Villas offers a high ROI potential. By leveraging the steady rental income, growing annually by 6.6%, and capitalizing on the 19.64% property appreciation for resale, investors can maximize returns. This dual approach harnesses consistent rental yields and significant capital gains, ensuring a robust and diversified investment in Dubai's thriving real estate market.
- AED 6,100,000
3 Years Rent
+ AED 625,280
+ AED 7,297,849
Final ROI
AED 7,923,129
Expo City Dubai
Expo City Dubai is a real estate project focusing on sustainability and innovation. Key developments include Expo Valley and Expo Central, emphasizing smart, community-centered living. Mangrove Residences and Expo City Valley are notable areas within the project, offering smart and sustainable living spaces. These developments are part of Dubai's 2040 Urban Master Plan, aiming for an integrated, green urban future
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