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Realiste AI
for agents
We pay 70% commission instantly, no need to wait 3 m after the deal is closed. We give hot clients. Know how

Alex Galt
Founder Realiste AI
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Presentation of the instant commission payment program at 70% for realtors, and we will explain how to acquire clients from and close deals. Also, a presentation of AI technologies for realtors and a bot for boosting sales

What will be at the event?
No record. Only Live Stream. Only 1 time.
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What will you learn and gain?
Realiste Data-Powered Real Estate Investor Assistant
Presentation of the AI Assistant for Agents
FOR THE FIRST TIME, presentation of the first AI solution for brokers - Your Brand, Your Platform.

WHAT tasks for Brokers is ALREADY solved by the platform?

Changing the rules of the game
in the field of commissions.
70% remuneration immediately after the transaction, without waiting for payment of commission from the developer
Realiste SYRE Day
Realiste organizes an offline presentation of its latest developments for real estate professionals.
Alex Galt (founder of the company) will present the first AI platform for realtors for generating leads and a solution for Instant commission payments.
About Realiste
Realiste is at the forefront of transforming real estate investments through innovative technologies. Realiste provides investors with the tools and insights necessary to make informed decisions in global real estate markets
"Realiste allows users to view apartments and their details in a few clicks anywhere the company operates"
"A Dubai-based AI-powered real estate platform"
"Realiste stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals perceive and engage with the real estate sector"
"Realiste specifically focused on market research, analytics, and real estate price forecasts based on data gathered by the AI algorithm"
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