Vacancy: City Growth Manager

City Growth Manager
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About position

Global expansion team at Realiste is responsible for launching business in new locations with investors and partners. We’re looking for a City Growth Manager who will take charge of starting business operations in Istanbul, Valencia, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Northern Cyprus, Phuket, Bangkok and assemble and lead the local team to the first $1M in sales.

We have unique technology, established business infrastructure and working processes that can be scaled to new locations fast. However, every market is different and we need someone to help us fit into the local environment and overcome location-specific challenges.

About the Company:

Realiste AI is a pioneering force in the real estate investment sector, boasting a unique global position. Our revolutionary product fuels our rapid expansion, likening us to the "Google of real estate investments."

The Realiste platform facilitates seamless real estate investments for private and institutional investors worldwide. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, it evaluates and ranks investment opportunities based on factors such as projected ROI, growth forecasts, and market dynamics.

We offer an exclusive array of real estate properties from institutional sellers, including developers, banks, funds, and companies. While our primary focus is on residential properties, we particularly emphasize new developments for their suitability in online transactions.

Founded in the UAE, we are now expanding our footprint into new markets. With real estate data from over 110 cities globally, our platform's expansion is imminent.

Our Working Style:

At Realiste, we prioritize innovation, data-driven solutions, and customer satisfaction. We believe in giving our employees the freedom to act, experiment, and develop their own work systems. We offer efficient training to ensure you're equipped to close deals swiftly. Our team is spread across various cities worldwide, so we're accustomed to remote collaboration and communication.


  • Take full responsibility for business performance of the location and lead it to $1M+ in sales
  • Conduct local market research and expert interviews
  • Execute the company’s initial strategy and find growth opportunities
  • Build out local marketing and sales processes
  • Build end-to-end analytics and reporting
  • Generate and test data-driven growth hypotheses in marketing, sales, and product
  • Hire and manage your growth team
  • Communicate a lot with clients, internal and external partners
  • Organize work in tandem with local partners and investors

What we’re looking for

  • 3+ years in product/ project/ growth management roles
  • Familiarity with key business metrics and ability to build a metric tree
  • Proven track record of directly influencing business results
  • Experience in managing budget and teams
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Ability to work in fast-paced and constantly changing environments
  • Doer attitude – not being afraid to work with your hands
  • Fluent spoken/ written communication in English. Local language is a big plus

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Local company options
  • Remote work is possible, but presence in Dubai is highly preferred

Company Principles and Culture:

  • Our clients come first. We always prioritize their interests over ours. We only win when our clients win. If our clients lose, we lose too.
  • Our AI provides our clients with an advantage over traditional investment methods. We aim to double our clients' earnings while minimizing risks.
  • Always act in the company's interests, not your personal interests.
  • Culture is important. Avoid working with unpleasant people - they won't take responsibility for their words and actions.
  • Always make sure the unit economics are positive.
  • Take action to prevent downtime.
  • We treat everyone equally, regardless of age, religion, orientation, nationality, or political views.
  • Every employee must be a shareholder. Share distribution is based on excellent work, and employees can also buy shares at a special price.
To begin the process:

To begin the process:
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