Sales Department Manager, Remote (Real Estate Investments) at Realiste AI

Sales Department Manager, Remote (Real Estate Investments) at Realiste AI

Compensation: $1500 Fixed + $2500 KPI

About the Company:

The world's first real estate exchange, powered by AI. Our mission is to transform the global real estate market. We assist investors in conducting remote real estate investment transactions worldwide.

Realiste AI Business Model:

Customers are organically attracted to the platform. After registering their phone number, users gain free access to our platform, fully equipped with real estate listings and analytical tools. Our support service helps users select properties and facilitates transactions. After completing a transaction, real estate sellers pay a commission to Realiste.

The company was founded in the UAE and is currently expanding into new markets. The platform already has real estate data from over 110 cities worldwide, and this number is set to increase rapidly in the near future!

Your Department's Tasks:

The department we are seeking a manager for is responsible for the stage from receiving an application to the first meeting with the client and the investment expert. This stage involves client activation, company sales, and expert sales. Communication methods include phone and messengers. The department currently has 10-12 people. Languages required are Russian and English.

What We Have:

  • Warm, incoming inquiries;
  • Clients understand why our company is communicating with them;
  • Clear market differentiation and USP;
  • The sales funnel is fully technically set up (telephony, messengers, auto-funnel attributes, etc.);
  • The hiring issue is resolved. We can provide any volume of candidates who have already passed the test task.

Your Tasks:

  • Maintain the quality of client communications at an excellent level;
  • Hire and onboard employees with a beautiful (ideally branded) voice and above-average quick-wittedness (ability to converse freely with smart people);
  • Iterations! Test different approaches, theses, and meanings we provide to clients to continuously improve communication quality;
  • Meet the department's plan - transferring the target number of clients to experts, including close work with the CRM marketing department;
You are the person who places orders in the performance marketing and PR department regarding the quantity and quality of incoming inquiries.

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of investment tools and key terms, including ROI, IRR, Cash-on-cash return, and others;
  • High level of communication skills. Written and oral;
  • Above-average level of intelligence and learning ability;
  • Significant experience in sales and knowledge of sales stages;
  • Experience in building sales departments and sales funnels;
  • Experience in selling financial products is welcome;
  • Experience dealing with transactions over $500k is welcome.

Company Principles and Culture:

  • Customers come first for us.
  • Our AI offers clients advantages over traditional investment methods.
  • Always act in the company's interests.
  • Culture matters. Avoid working with dishonest people.
  • We treat everyone equally, regardless of age, religion, and other factors.
  • Our clients should earn a return at least twice the market average, with risks at least twice lower than the market average.
  • Unit economics should always be positive. Always calculate all costs and unit economics (of the business, your time for the company, offers for clients).
  • Always calculate the real cost of downtime from your inaction and your colleagues for the company and take actions to ensure there is no downtime (this applies to your decisions and inaction).
  • Every employee should be a shareholder.

Additional Information:

  1. We provide extended access to the Realiste platform.
  2. You will have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, with the potential for relocation to Dubai.
  3. - With Realiste, you become part of a movement changing the real estate industry.

To begin the process:

1. Apply for this position:
2. Once you are referred to the onboarding page, complete the form by providing the required information and complete the onboarding tasks. Ensure that you fill in all the necessary fields accurately.