Alex Galt
Founder & CEO
Alex Galt is a real estate expert, entrepreneur, investor, and the founder and CEO of Realiste with over 17 years of experience.

In 2020, he founded Realiste, an AI-based platform for real estate investors, offering real-time analyses to identify promising markets and properties in nearly 100 cities worldwide. Under Alex's visionary leadership, the company achieved an impressive $135 million in real estate sales and attracted thousands of users within its first year of operation.

Alex's journey in real estate began at 20, fueled by a passion that started at an early age when he sold his first plot of land at just 12. This passion led to the establishment of the renowned real estate agency, Galtsev and Von Hertz, with a team of 80 dedicated brokers. Alex's commitment to education and mentorship positively impacted over 1,000 real estate professionals, transforming careers and shaping the industry's future. He personally completed over 300 real estate transactions, all yielding impressive ROIs ranging from 8% to an astounding 450%.
In 2015, after achieving remarkable success in traditional real estate, Alex ventured into the world of technology
and AI. Recognizing the potential of AI's analytical capabilities in real estate investment, he embarked on developing AI solutions to provide data-driven investment recommendations, making investing more accessible and efficient. Alex honed his AI expertise in the USA, collaborating with industry leaders and interviewing at Y Combinator to enhance AI capabilities.

He became a sought-after public speaker and a respected authority in real estate across the Middle East, Europe, and prominent global media outlets such as Fortune, Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance.