Anastasia Denisova
Managing Director of MENA
Anastasia Denisova is the Managing Director of MENA at Realiste.

In her role, she set up a key Advisory Board at Realiste MENA, consisting of leaders from real estate, crypto, banking, finance, and government. Her work led to impressive revenue growth, up to 60%, and a significant 30% increase in market share, mainly due to including the Saudi real estate market in Realiste Group.

Before becoming Managing Director, Anastasia was Realiste's Chief Communication Officer. She served a crucial role in shaping the company's communication strategies and achieved outstanding results. She led the development of a comprehensive communication strategy that generated over 5,000 media mentions and brought in a substantial $4 million in investments. Additionally, Anastasia introduced Realiste software as a B2B solution for real estate developers and banks, demonstrating her ability to promote technology adoption in the industry.
Anastasia's corporate journey began at KPMG as a Communication Specialist, achieving an outstanding 50% increase
in media coverage, greatly enhancing the brand's visibility. Later, as a Creative Director at communication agencies, she demonstrated her expertise in innovative strategies, leading to an impressive 40% increase in customer engagement and a substantial 25% revenue boost for her clients.