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Website: Realiste.io

Platform: map.realiste.io

Media about Realiste: here
About the Company
The First Real Estate Exchange in the world

Our mission is to transform the global real estate market

We provide social mobility and investment success for hundreds of millions of people to secure transparent purchases and accessible credit

Problems we solve

1. Lack of structured real estate data
Real estate data is scattered across dozens of sources, even in the U.S. The problem is significantly worse in other parts of the world.
2. An inefficient market with high transactions based on realtors
Realtors lack the tools and expertise to provide adequate real estate investment advice. Despite this, realtors now serve 99% of these customers.
3. Buyers are limited by their own analysis capabilities and the realtor's analysis 95% of buyers purchase what the realtor suggests

Business Model

Realiste AI's business model centers around organic user engagement and attracting individuals seeking extensive market insights. Upon registering their phone number, users gain complimentary access to our platform, complete with property listings and analytical tools. The dedicated support team assists users in property selection and transaction facilitation. Post-transaction, real estate developers pay an insignificant commission of approximately 5%, generating a significant revenue stream for the company.
Brand Video
Company In Numbers
  • 60%

    60% business margin vs 20% market average

  • $190M

    $190M volume of real estate transactions

  • 1 year

    1 year to break even

  • 100K

    100K registered users in 2023

  • 95%

    95% of transactions are closed online

  • 2.5

    2.5 apartments are bought by the client on average

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Company Goals
We are targeting to become a Unicorn Company (valuation $1b+) in 2025-2026
Delivering customers success

Over the next three years, Realiste AI's goal is to amass 10,000 dedicated customers who consistently invest in properties worldwide. Central to their success are AI models tailored to each city's real estate market.

Become the first global real estate broker

In 2023, no broker in the world provides access to real estate investing in 100 major cities. While there are franchises around the world, no single website or central platform offers this except for Realiste

Training AI models while doing online business of selling investments in real estate

Once the models acquire predictive accuracy, local enterprises like banks and developers will seek access, enhancing pricing dynamics, online mortgage solutions, portfolio optimization, and ultimately increasing profitability.

Becoming Global Benchmark

Realiste AI's accomplishments have garnered global recognition, with over 3,000 mentions in international media. Realiste AI has become the standard for market comparison, serving as a benchmark for pricing and analytics. By the end of 2023, they will launch plugins and a White Label Partner Platform, furthering their reach and improving their media placement. In a landscape without competitors, the platform has redefined real estate investment, positioning the company as a vital tool for investors and reshaping the role of realtors.
About Realiste New City Partnership Program
Our City Growth Manager
About position

Global expansion team at Realiste is responsible for launching business in new locations with investors and partners. We’re looking for a City Growth Manager who will take charge of starting business operations in City X, assemble and lead the local team to the first $1M in sales.

We have unique technology, established business infrastructure and working processes that can be scaled to new locations fast. However, every market is different and we need someone to help us fit into the local environment and overcome location-specific challenges.

What you’ll do

  • Take full responsibility for business performance of the location and lead it to $1M+ in sales
  • Conduct local market research and expert interviews
  • Execute the company’s initial strategy and find growth opportunities
  • Build out local marketing and sales processes
  • Build end-to-end analytics and reporting
  • Generate and test data-driven growth hypotheses in marketing, sales, and product
  • Hire and manage your growth team
  • Communicate a lot with clients, internal and external partners
  • Organize work in tandem with local partners and investors

What we’re looking for

  • 3+ years in product/ project/ growth management roles. B2C experience is a plus
  • Familiarity with key business metrics and ability to build a metric tree
  • Proven track record of directly influencing business results
  • Experience in managing budget and teams
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Ability to work in fast-paced and constantly changing environments. Startup experience is a plus
  • Doer attitude – not being afraid to work with your hands
  • Fluent spoken/ written communication in English. Local language is a big plus
Hiring process
For this position the process is as follows (assuming successful completion of each stage):
  1. Complete onboarding tasks below
  2. Attend a welcome interview with the global expansion team member
  3. Complete a more elaborate written test assignment
  4. Attend an interview with the hiring manager
  5. Get hired!
1 min Video about the Team
before starting!

You can complete onboarding in 1 hour. After completing onboarding, we give you access to in-training and real clients of the company.

There are 4 steps of 6 blocks in onboarding in total
Block #1
Block #1 : Joining the Realiste Community
Step # 1
Join the chats of Realiste community
(you can find more info about company, daily updates and traction there)

Connect with the Realiste audience by joining communication channels and groups. Get to know the company by checking the latest news and joining chats. Subscribe to new messages and see who's already in the Realiste circle.

This is the main public group of investors where we share the company's inside information with a wide range of people. You can find public news about the Realiste company here. This chat forwards important messages from dozens of the company's working chats. Everything is open and transparent.

This group is for short thoughts on the real estate market and can be used for arguments.

This is the Realiste YouTube channel where we reveal knowledge about the real estate market and its principles of operation in simple language.

This channel is about new projects and proposals in the UAE from developers and our project reviews.
Step # 2
Leave your contacts below now
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Block #2
Block #2: Company Principles and Culture
Welcome to our company! Here are our principles and culture. Please read them carefully.

  1. Our clients come first. We always prioritize their interests over ours. We only win when our clients win. If our clients lose, we lose too.
  2. Our AI provides our clients with an advantage over traditional investment methods. We aim to double our clients' earnings while minimizing risks. During times of market volatility, our clients should act 10 times faster than the rest of the market.
  3. Always act in the company's interests, not your personal interests. If you consistently act in the company's interests, you may manage the budget and make decisions on contracts and payments up to 30 times your earnings from the previous month. This keeps the company healthy and benefits everyone.
  4. Culture is important. Avoid working with unpleasant people - they won't take responsibility for their words and actions.
  5. Always make sure the unit economics are positive. Take into account all costs and unit economics (business, your time for the company, offers for clients).
  6. Take action to prevent downtime. Always consider the real cost of inaction from you and your colleagues in the company.
  7. We treat everyone equally, regardless of age, religion, orientation, nationality, or political views.
  8. Every employee must be a shareholder. Share distribution is based on excellent work, and employees can also buy shares at a special price. More information about shares will be provided below.
Block #3
Block #3 Working Conditions at Realiste
It's important!

  1. We always pay correctly, even if you leave the company.
  2. We pay on time (+4-5 days for bank transactions).
  3. Terms and Conditions:
  • Payment once a month.
  • Payment for the billing month is made on the 10th of the following month.
If one or more rules are violated, write immediately to the Alarm Chat https://t.me/+nxvrz0IPkyJjMGQ6

Block #4
Block #4
How to work with Realiste products
Block #5
Block #5
Explore our product

Block #6
Block #6 Onboarding task
Record a 1-3 minute AUDIO about yourself. Answer the following question:

  1. Describe your job experience for the past 2 years – what you personally have been doing and anything else you deem important.
Step # 4
Please email [email protected]
( PLS use the Email you left in Step 2 )
the result for task block #6
Congratulations you've passed onboarding!

What happens next: We will review your submission and contact you within 48 hours after you drop the last task.

Thank you for your time!