Exclusive presentation of the latest developments by Realiste company for real estate investors
Alex Galt
Founder of Realiste
REALISTE DEMO DAY is a biannual event.
We invite real estate investors, industry experts, representatives from international development companies, founders of technology firms, and prominent venture capitalists to present the latest developments and AI trends in the real estate sector.
Discover the latest developments from the company and trends of AI in the real estate industry
Date and time
You will be the first to see how innovative technologies will be used for real estate investments in various cities around the world. We will showcase new products from
Realiste company, which have been developed in secrecy.
What will be at the event?
16:00 (GMT+4)
Number of seats: Limited to 40 participants for the offline event
Online broadcast: available on YouTube for our online audience.
The venue
Downtown area, Dubai (exact address will be provided upon confirmation of the application)
What will you learn and gain?
Realiste Data-Powered Real Estate Investor Assistant
We will discuss the tasks that real estate investors are already solving with the application and what development plans the product has for the future
Presentation of the Realiste mobile application
Presentation of the AI Assistant for Investors
Our events are attended by real estate investors, representatives of international development companies, and industry leaders
Networking & business connections
Realiste DEMO DAY
Learn more about AI trends in real estate development. We'll uncover the nuances and insights about our product and explain how thousands of real estate investors can build wealth through new technologies
About Realiste
Realiste is at the forefront of transforming real estate investments through innovative technologies. Realiste provides investors with the tools and insights necessary to make informed decisions in global real estate markets
"Realiste allows users to view apartments and their details in a few clicks anywhere the company operates"
"A Dubai-based AI-powered real estate platform"
"Realiste stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals perceive and engage with the real estate sector"
"Realiste specifically focused on market research, analytics, and real estate price forecasts based on data gathered by the AI algorithm"
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