Dora Art
Head of PR Department
Dora Art is the Head of PR Department at Realiste company.

Her primary responsibility is to develop and implement effective strategies to enhance the public image and reputation of our organization. Dora works closely with the senior management team to align PR and communication efforts with the overall business objectives.

In 2021, she started at Realiste as a Deputy Head of PR and Communications. In 2022, she headed the department. Under her leadership, Realiste emerged in the media field in the Middle East and North Africa region, establishing itself as a leading expert in technology and investment in the real estate market in the region.
Prior to joining Realiste, Dora honed her PR expertise in the realms of entertainment and edtech, showcasing her adaptability and versatility in various fields. Her experience even extends to personal PR, further attesting to her proficiency in crafting compelling narratives.

Dora is getting a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Social Informatics at the esteemed Higher School of Economics.