Realiste Founders Program
Launch a local company with Realiste as a City Founder to make an impact on the Real Estate market in 300 cities worldwide.
Founders Program offers global entrepreneurs and investors the chance to pioneer advanced Realiste AI solutions locally. It provides access to the Realiste AI platform, enabling business development in cities worldwide, aiming for global coverage.
May 2022
$0/revenue | $1.5 valuation
Aug 2022
SEED investments $0.7m at $5m valuation
Dec 2022
$600k/m revenue | $65m valuation
$65m value in 6 months
Realiste Dubai case study
Realiste 300 cities worldwide
Company setup
Initial investments starting from $300k for 10%
$0/revenue | $3m valuation
In 1 year
$500k/m revenue | $50m valuation
The mission of the company is to give people the last freedom, access to carefully curated risk-free investment opportunities in the property market worldwide. At Realiste, our goal is to revolutionize the transaction cycle in the real estate industry.
Proven Market Fit
With 100,000+ registered users in 2023, currently, there is nothing quite like our AI-based real estate exchange platform in the world. With a solid track record of successful business operations in key locations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), and Bali (Indonesia), where we've achieved a break even point in the 1st year operations with an impressive 65% sales margin.
Transactional Based Business model
  • 63% operating margin

  • 10% costs of sales

  • LTV/CAC 500%+
High Value Growth
According to the Realiste Dubai company case with improving its value from $1.5 to $65m in 6 months, we are confident that we can achieve similar results in any major city around the world within 1-2 years and secure an exit strategy for our partners.
Exit Strategies
  • Realiste Holding buyback

  • Secondary Market

  • Investments round (Seed, round A)

  • Acquisition (M&A)

  • Dividends
If you are interested in becoming a City Founder, please send us the information about yourself including the personal achievements and contact details.