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Operating: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah.
Launch in Q3-Q4 2023: Bali, Jakarta, Bangkok, Istanbul, Riyadh, Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, London, and New York.
Реалист, Реаліст, Рэаліст
Realiste, Realista, Réaliste, Realisti,
gerçekçi, 現實主義者, الواقعي,वास्तववादी,
เหตุผลที่เป็นจริง, ρεαλιστής,
현실주의자, リアリスト
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4 Key Advantages of Realiste AI
AI inside.
Powerful advantages
Realiste increases investor profit by streamlining the process of finding and analyzing properties using advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analysis.
Realiste enables informed risk analysis and provides legal/financial risk info and property rankings based on profitability and risk, aiding investor decision-making.
For the deals over $2m Realiste provides a guarantee for each price prediction for our clients. We are willing to pay for mistakes made by our artificial intelligence, in case you bought a property with us and the predicted price was incorrect
Use AI to get information 100x faster than others and also Join our new programme "Before Anyone Else" and you can get information about new projects before anyone else on the market
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  • 2 000 000+
    We analyze 2 000 000+ real estate properties daily for accurate data analysis and market trend forecasting, improving price information and development prospects.
  • Real-time data
    We are increasing our business efficiency by reducing the use of manual labor and speeding up the decision-making process by 10 times. This is achieved through real-time data analysis.
  • Buy-sell online
    We improve customer service with personalized offers and precise analytics, resulting in higher satisfaction and accurate evaluations.
Broker for private investors, HNWI, Family offices and Funds,
and for Realtors also
AI improves the real estate market by helping investors, agents, and developers make faster decisions and improve forecasting accuracy. The result is an improved service for clients doubling returns and reducing risk by up to 99%.
AI Search for top 1% opportunities, market trends, risk assessment, online buying and selling
Investment opportunities, market trends, forecasts, optimizing portfolio
A search engine to select and close deals online, with an 80/20 split commission.
Off-plan investments
Buy real estate in new buildings directly from the developer, with confidence.
AI Portfolio Manager
View and modify investment opportunities in your portfolio, track their returns and risks. Get analytics and artificial intelligence signals.
AI inside
AI Realiste is a self-learning algorithm whose task is to evaluate any apartment in the world, taking into account local preferences (simulating the decision-making process of a buyer in a specific location) in order to determine the investment attractiveness of real estate.
Data inputs
What data we use
The algorithm uses a large amount of data input from dozens of sources, in some cities in the world it uses more than 200 parameters (sources and parameters will be listed below and their weight in the algorithm structure).
VERY HIGH impact
  • CRM systems of Developers
  • MLS listings
  • Building location (Latitude/Longitude)
  • Project class
  • Building rating
  • Neighborhood class
  • Parameters of apartment 20-27 criteria (area, floor, repair, the presence of a balcony, terrace, etc.) Apartment price
HIGH impact
  • Top 3 real estate websites in the city
  • Public data ( deals )
  • Macroeconomic data
  • Currency volatility
  • Wall material
  • Year of construction /reconstruction
  • Transport accessibility
  • Points of attraction
  • Transport accessibility in minute

MEDIUM impact
  • Infrastructure data (Google map)
  • Infrastructure data from Wikimapia
  • Infrastructure data from OpenStreetMap
  • Nasdaq index data
  • Amenities
  • Traffic attraction points
  • Sites of construction and repair companies
  • Data on the cost of materials and work

LOW impact
  • Utilities Condition of houses
  • Reviews on review sites ( about the building )
  • Semi-automatic map marking Districts, special zones
  • Special locations
  • Databases of taxes
  • Cadastral number of the sold apartment Cadastral number of the apartment for sale

VERY HIGH impact
  • Exposition period of unsold apartments
  • Prices of sold apartments
  • Exposition period of sold apartments
  • Sold apartments count
  • Liquidity of the apartment
  • Segment liquidity
HIGH impact
  • Transport accessibility in minutes by car
  • Transport accessibility in minutes total
  • House reputation patent for house rating algorithm
  • Reputation of the district
  • Apartment rating among competitors
  • Crime reports
  • School rating
  • Segment dynamics
  • Falling prices / growth / stagnation
  • Listing price changes
  • Correlation of changes in price and volume of supply
  • Correlation of supply volume and dynamics of demand
  • Factual data from users
  • Feedback from users
  • The power of demand
  • Green zones
  • Waterline zones
  • District Infrastructure
  • Rating Infrastructure

MEDIUM impact
  • Marketplace sites Data on the cost of materials and work for repairment
  • Points of attraction
  • Number of floors
  • Liquidity of the area
  • Presentation of material (positive/negative) in mass media
  • Recognition of the recontact level on a 10-point scale from photographs
  • Archived data for listings on websites
  • Noisy areas
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