Tim Makhmudi
Chief International Officer
Tim Makhmudi is Realiste's Chief International Officer, who focuses on global expansion in the Chinese real estate investment sector. He establishes global growth strategies and foster strategic partnerships.

Tim's track record includes delivering over $4 billion in revenue impact for 30+ global corporations like MTH Group, Alibaba GDT, and Sokolov Jewelry through his solutions for expanding into China.

His journey began as Head of Southeast Asia Region at Komus Company, where he earned six awards for pioneering e-commerce and Southeast Asia projects, securing contracts with 200+ strategic partners and expanding across five SEA countries.
Tim later took on roles such as Business Development Director at Factorymarket.de, where Tim helped to successfully sell the company. At SILQ Group, Tim co-founded and served as CEO, securing pre-seed funding and managing teams in the UAE and China.

His academic background includes studies at Northwest University of China and Stanford Venture Startups.