Shaoming Yang

Shaoming is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the Internet, e-commerce, and corporate management.

In his early career, he spent a decade as an R&D manager at Huawei, where he designed and developed a core telecom network testing system. He also led teams, managed the system, and spearheaded Huawei's first project in Singapore.

In the e-commerce sector, Shaoming co-founded three successful startups: Connsis Technologies, a top supplier of telecom network testing equipment in China;, the largest online retailer for baby products in China; and BPH e-Commerce, specializing in cross-border e-commerce.

During his tenure at Alibaba Group, Shaoming served as Vice President of Tmall Global and AliExpress, contributing to the company's global e-commerce efforts.

His expertise spans business model design, online marketing, software development, and corporate finance. Shaoming's versatile career showcases his ability to excel in dynamic and evolving tech and commerce landscapes.
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