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What is Realiste?
Realiste - is a prop-tech company that develops an AI-powered property investment search platform, the biggest database of properties and investment data in the world available in 100+ cities, a transaction platform, and portfolio management capabilities for investors.

Investors (retail and institutional) receive all data for decision-making, complimentary AI insights, and have the ability to transact (buy and sell) through the Realiste exchange platform.

Website: Realiste.io

Platform: map.realiste.io

Media about Realiste: here
Why it was impossible before?
Unique Position:
Intersection with Three Global Trends
Realiste provides AI-powered investment property search, biggest database of properties and investment data in the world available in 100+ cities, a transaction platform, and portfolio management capabilities for investors.

Investors (retail and institutional) receive all data for decision-making, complimentary AI insights, and have the ability to transact (buy and sell) through the Realiste Exchange.

Vision and mission
The mission of the company is to give people the last freedom, access to carefully curated risk-free investment opportunities in the property market. At Realiste, our goal is to revolutionize the transaction cycle in the real estate industry.
Our values
It is important for us to be in the field with our clients and partners, show all processes, and remain transparent and understandable.
Without goals and aspirations, we won't get anywhere. We set impossible tasks for ourselves and push our limits while congratulating each other along the way on new victories.
There are always multiple paths. Our credo is to choose a rational one, moving boldly and changing direction if the result is not pleasing. We are always on the move. Entrepreneurship and flexibility are everything.
Only with a great team can you achieve something significant. A good team is not defined by a single strong player but by a collection of individuals coming together as one. Our strength lies in unity and mutual assistance.
The idea was first conceived by the company's founder and CEO, Alex Galt, a real estate investor and deep market specialist. He realized that people know so little of the golden opportunities that real estate markets offer. Alex started his professional career in real estate, as an owner of a real estate agency with a focus on investments. During that time, at 20 years old, he was selling land parcels and he came across an ordinary plot of land that had caught the interest of an investor who was willing to pay well over the market average. However, the owners refused to sell although they were impoverished and selling that plot would make them an immense fortune, enabling them to move and greatly improve their quality of life.

Alex was incredibly inspired by this encounter, realizing that people simply are unaware of real estate opportunities and how much life can be drastically altered if people simply understood what they're missing out on. He identified that most people simply assume that relocating and improving their lives are very expensive processes when in reality that is not necessarily the case. He wanted to give people the freedom to make informed choices on where they live or on what investments they make.

He later came to understand the growing potential of AI and IT as a whole and he decided to merge those two worlds of AI and real estate by creating a platform that utilizes AI to deliver accurate data on global markets in relative instants. Most investors and buyers are only well acquainted with their local market, and so there was a gaping need to provide accurate data on real estate markets around the world in a few clicks, expanding the chance of profitable opportunities. Hence, Alex started working on Realiste 7 years ago and in March 2022, the platform's beta was officially launched.

Company In Numbers
  • 340+
    transaction we closed for the past 8 months
  • $610k ↗
    Mounty Revenue of the Company at Sept 2023
  • 95%
    deals made 100% online
  • 2.5 ↗
    apartments per 1 client
  • $420.000
    median price of 1 apartment
  • $300k ↗
    Revenue per year of Realiste's
Block #1
Business model
Online broker

Retail and institutional investors use the Realiste platform to obtain free and accurate AI analytics and market data to purchase an apartment. In exchange, Realiste takes the client's personal data and passes the mostly completed transaction onto the real estate developer, while receiving an average of 5% commission.

According to analytics, after the first of operations, 16.3% of clients were return customers with the projected number being 45% in 2024. The average client buys 2 units every year.

The model is transactional yet the company is not a real estate agency. There are fundamental differences in the practices and values with an example being that Realiste has a substantially lower cost of sales since there are no agents, unlike an agency. Additionally, the company's targeted market is the global real estate market unlike the one or two local markets agencies operate in.

Data is collected from developers (collected by a local team led by BD) about the apartments they want to sell - stock or inventory. The data is updated daily, thus creating a reliable and up-to-date picture of the market. We are able to convert this data from Excel sheets, PDFs, and chats through which developers provide apartments for sale, and modules for direct integration of this data to our platform in real time (uploaded from their database).

The result is an open database of up-to-date data on new buildings https://exchange.realiste.ai/. The client (buyer, investor) on the platform can select a project and book an apartment online (in the 1st version of the platform). In newer versions of the platform, the client can buy an apartment 100% online through the Realiste platform. If a client buys an apartment through the Realiste platform, then Realiste acts as the nominal owner of the property on behalf of the client (similar to a broker on the stock market). The client can also sell the property purchased on the platform as well.

Before or after booking apartments on the Realiste platform, clients are assigned personal managers who guide investors through transactions, showcase the platform, and support them at every stage. This way, clients gain a better understanding of the platform's operations, and the company increases sales conversion.

The developer pays a commission for the sale ranging from 2% to 10%.

With an AI platform, revenue comes from:

  • Commissions for the sale on the Realiste exchange platform (when a client sells his property, which he bought in Realiste)
  • Risk-free storage of clients' money on deposits with a percentage taken on these deposits
  • Other services (insurance, financing, investment leverage, paid subscriptions, etc.)

Executive Profiles
    Block #1
    Task #1 : Joining the Realiste Community
    Task # 1
    Join the chats of Realiste community
    (you can find more info about company, daily updates and traction there)

    Connect with the Realiste audience by joining communication channels and groups. Get to know the company by checking the latest news and joining chats. Subscribe to new messages and see who's already in the Realiste circle.

    This is the main public group of investors where we share the company's inside information with a wide range of people. You can find public news about the Realiste company here. This chat forwards important messages from dozens of the company's working chats. Everything is open and transparent.

    This group is for short thoughts on the real estate market and can be used for arguments.

    This is the Realiste YouTube channel where we reveal knowledge about the real estate market and its principles of operation in simple language.

    This channel is about new projects and proposals in the UAE from developers and our project reviews.
    Block #1 is finished
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    There are 4 blocks in onboarding in total

    Block #2
    Block #2
    Products and services
    This is an introductory video. After completing onboarding, you will receive full training on all the features of the platform.
    AI inside
    HOW Realiste AI WORKS?
    AI Realiste is a self-learning algorithm tasked with evaluating any apartment in the world, considering local preferences (simulating the decision-making process of a buyer in a specific location) to determine the investment attractiveness of real estate.
    Data inputs
    How Does Realiste AI Work?
    What Data Does the AI Use?
    AI Realiste is a self-learning algorithm tasked with evaluating any apartment in the world, considering local preferences (simulating the decision-making process of a buyer in a specific location) to determine the investment attractiveness of real estate.

    The algorithm utilizes a substantial volume of data input from numerous sources, incorporating over 200 parameters in some cities worldwide (the list of sources and parameters, along with their weights in the algorithm's structure, will be provided below).
    VERY HIGH impact
      1. Inventory of Developers
      2. MLS listings (for the US market)
      3. Building location (Latitude/Longitude)
      4. Project price class
      5. Building rating (in-house rating)
      6. Neighborhood class
      7. Apartment parameters up to 27 criteria (area, floor, repair, presence of a balcony, terrace, etc.)
      8. Apartment price
    HIGH impact
    Listings from the Top 3 real estate websites in the city

    Public data (deals)

    Macroeconomic data (if acceptable)

    The wall material of the building

    Year of construction/reconstruction

    Transport accessibility in meters

    MEDIUM impact
    • Infrastructure data (Google map)
    • Infrastructure data from Wikimapia
    • Infrastructure data from OpenStreetMap
    • Building amenities
    • Points of attraction

      Transport accessibility in minutes by walking

    LOW impact
    • Utilities Condition of houses
    • Reviews on review sites ( about the building )
    • Semi-automatic map marking Districts, special zones
    • Special locations
    • Databases of taxes
    • Cadastral number of the sold apartment Cadastral number of the apartment for sale

    VERY HIGH impact
    • Exposition period of unsold apartments
    • Prices of sold apartments
    • Exposition period of sold apartments
    • Sold apartments count
    • Liquidity of the apartment
    • Segment liquidity
    HIGH impact
    • Transport accessibility in minutes by car
    • Transport accessibility in minutes total
    • House reputation (inhouse rating)
    • The reputation of the district (inhouse rating)
    • Apartment rating among competitors (inhouse rating)
    • Crime reports (if acceptable)
    • School rating
    • 3 mounts dynamic of the market
    • Listing price changes daily
    • Correlation of changes in price and volume of supply
    • Correlation of supply volume and dynamics of demand
    • Factual data from users
    • Feedback from users
    • The power of demand
    • Green zones
    • Waterline zones
    • District Infrastructure
    • Rating Infrastructure

    MEDIUM impact
    • Number of floors in the buulding
    • Liquidity of the area
    • Repairment type ( 10 stars score )
    • Archived data for listings on websites
    • Noisy areas (inhouse rating)
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    There are 4 blocks in onboarding in total

    Block #3
    Block #3
    Expansion structure (cities roadmap)

    The real estate sector is one of the least digitized industries globally. However, Realiste AI excels in addressing this challenge, as evidenced by the following indicators:
    • Over 2,000,000 listings are analyzed daily globally
    • Covering 6,000+ neighborhoods in 100+ cities worldwide
    • AI evaluates over 200 parameters
    • AI highlights the top 1% of properties and markets

    According to the data, we believe that if Realiste AI enters a city, providing transparency through data, investment strategies, and specific units for purchase, there is an opportunity to elevate the company's valuation to over $50 million in a $10 billion market. Additionally, this has the potential to attract interest from local players looking for acquisition opportunities.

    With 100,000+ registered users in 2023, currently, there is nothing quite like our AI-based real estate exchange platform in the world.

    BLOCK #3
    How the city expansion works
    Expansion includes the following stages:

    1. City Selection
    Choose any city worldwide where Realiste has not yet established a presence. Realiste employs a data-driven approach to select the most captivating cities, typically from a list of the top 200 cities globally. However, under special circumstances, Realiste may consider cities that are not on the list if there are compelling reasons.

    2. City Partnership Inquiry
    Contact the Realiste team to verify if the chosen city is available for partnership.

    3. Signing the Term Sheet with Realiste Holding

    4. Seeking an Investor
    The investor and new founder must actively search for seed money or consider taking on the role themselves to secure funds for licensing in the city and facilitating the launch. The license encompasses rights to Realiste AI in the local area, the AI model with accompanying data, and all established business developments.

    5. Payment

    Upon company formation, the investor will receive a 10% stake in the new company and transfer the rights to the Realiste software license to the new company's assets. This involves a payment of $500,000 ($300,000 for the launch, and $200,000 for company development).

    6. Initial Program Launch
    Within 2-3 weeks, Realiste will initiate the first version of the program for the chosen city. This version will encompass most of the system's functionality, although the data may still be raw and imprecise.

    7. Company Setup
    The Realiste team and the investor will jointly appoint an agent to establish the new company. In this process, Realiste will obtain 90% ownership, with the investor retaining 10% in exchange for transferring the software license. Within three months, the Realiste team will identify a managing partner for the new venture, transferring necessary resources for operations. The managing partner will secure $300,000 to $500,000 from local investors and assemble a team. At this stage, the investor holds 10%, the managing partner 49%, and Realiste Holding company retains 51%.

    8. Transaction Documents

    9. Business Model Testing
    The managing partner will spend 3-4 months testing up to 5 potential business models in the market and select 1-2 models best suited for the local market.

    10. Scaling
    The founder must be actively involved in pursuing additional investments for the company, focusing on rounds A and potentially B. Realiste is open to adjusting the ownership structure if required.

    11. Sale of the Company

    If an offer to purchase the company operating in the city is received and both investors and the team vote in favor of the sale, Realiste will separate the product for that city from the main core. The product will be transferred to the ownership of a local company (IPBox) to facilitate its sale at a high valuation within the local market. The product will continue to operate in the same manner, but it cannot be used in other cities.
    BLOCK #3
    What does the company plan to do in the city?
    Realiste AI plans to grow into a leading proptech company and become the best in the online sales of new buildings. The approximate economics of the company's growth, which may vary depending on factors such as the city, local VC environment, and market size, is as follows.

    How to read the table:

    • Revenue: The company's income from the sale of new buildings.

    • Sales costs: 40% of revenue calculated, taking into account the company's marketing expenses for customer acquisition and a maximum commission of 20% for the sales department.

    • Other income: Calculated as 20% of the expenses for the administrative part of the business, including employee salaries.

    • Net: Calculated as Revenue minus all costs.

    • Valuation: Calculated as Revenue multiplied by 10.

    • Investments are presented as a preliminary estimate, according to the table, they are not mandatory from the first year of operation. They are needed for faster growth

    Within a 1-5 year timeframe, the company has the following goals:

    a) Selling the Company to a Strategist: The company may be sold to a strategic buyer, potentially realizing a substantial return on investment based on the company's valuation at the time of the sale.

    b) Business with a 50%+ Margin and Revenue Share: Alternatively, the company can aim to operate profitably with a 50% profit margin. Shareholders would receive a share of the revenue based on their ownership stakes.

    c) Launch an IPO on a Local Stock Exchange: Another option is to take the company public through an initial public offering (IPO) on a local stock exchange, which can provide liquidity to shareholders and potentially increase the company's valuation further.

    The specific path chosen may depend on various factors, including market conditions, investor preferences, and the company's growth trajectory in the chosen city.

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    There are 4 blocks in onboarding in total

    Block #4
    Block #4
    We want to know you more
    Task # 2
    Record a 1-2 minute video about yourself
    Answer the questions:
    1. Why are you interested in being the partner of Realiste?
    2. What have you been doing for the last 5 years?
    3. If you have projects that are currently generating income for you? How much time do they take?
    4. Tell us about your experience managing people.
    5. What problems have you worked on previously and how you solved it
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